“Use your online business account”: the call from banks and unions

“Use your online business account”: the call from banks and unions

Conto aziendale online: nuove sfide per le imprese

The message is clear, not only for citizens, but also for the companies that are facing this particularly difficult time: use your online business account and do not go to the bank for any reason. The approximately 25 thousand Italian bank branches, although less frequented for some time, remain in fact a potential vehicle of contagion at the time of Coronavirus.

For Italian companies this is a time of great change, which had to suddenly change their habits, both in work management and in banking routines. Regarding the first point, we refer to the smart working, facilitated in these days by the implementing decree published in La Gazzetta Ufficiale. It is an opportunity not to stop the production but to experiment models and operating methods that prefer flexibility.

Of course, not all companies are ready overnight, but those who are at the moment are obviously benefiting from it. This is the case of large multinationals, for example, and the large banking groups that are working at full speed, despite the fact that the offices are closed.

The banks are therefore operating with remote staff, but their branches will reopen shortly, as decided by the government, with reinforced health care facilities. This is why the president of ABI, A. Patuelli, has invited customers to limit their visits to the agency as much as possible: it is better to prefer digital channels. Those who are not equipped can call their bank for advice on how to solve problems without going out.

In fact, there are many banking operations possible from home, the “evolved ATMs” that allow you to make deposits and also pay coroporate bills are equally widespread. In recent years, even in Italy, remote channels have multiplied: out of a total of about 40 million active current accounts in the country, at the end of 2018 the ABI censused 17 million users via phone or internet with an increase in access from smartphone.

In short, the challenge for companies in this period of health emergency involves many fronts. One of them is the total digitalization of access to Internet banking and the ability to take full advantage of all the services that an online business account can offer.

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