Traditional and online bank account: one of the causes of price increases

Traditional and online bank account: one of the causes of price increases

conto online: le cause dei rincari

Perhaps not everyone knows that the costs of opening and management of an online bank account have increased in the last two years also in order to finance the rescue of some popular banking institutions. What bothers the most is not the magnitude of the price increases, but the modalities for the modification of the contracts without the contractor’s knowledge, hidden costs, charges and fees. The official motivation? The need to cover the costs related to payments to the National Resolution Fund. As a consequence, they have paid out on their customers the outlays for the rescue of some banks.

According to Federconsumatori and Adusbef, “Italian banks have the most expensive current account costs in Europe and sometimes there are maneuvers that directly affect clients, forced to pay off bankers’ mistakes and a senseless management of credit and savings“. The Bank of Italy monitors the behavior of these banks and changes in their economic conditions. Furthermore, it also claims that the contractual conditions of a traditional or online bank account can only be changed by justifying the reasons, acting with transparency. It is essential to inform customers within 60 days to allow them to evaluate the situation and eventually choose to recede from the contract. There is therefore a solution for account holders: responding to price increases by transferring the current account to other banks. The old banks would try to discourage the transfer using the tactics of the “long bureaucratic procedure”. They would advise the closure of the old account, the opening of another account and, only later, to transfer the reports, referring to very long bureaucratic times. But since June 2015, the practice is faster. In fact, it is possible to transfer your account without too many hitches within 12 working days since the new bank is authorized to transfer the account with an authorization form.

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