Trustcom Tips for your financial goals and your online account 🤑

Trustcom Tips for your financial goals and your online account 🤑

Starting April in the best way: let’s set up new financial goals and grow your business or personal online account. Our daily life has changed a lot, not only in terms of daily habits, but the world financial reality today is completely different.
So, the best way to keep safe and improve personal finances or to start a new business or keep current levels high is to highlight effective money goals.

After a study and a research we have found 3 key steps to follow:

1. Build your financial goals 🛠️

Respectively from your Trustcom online account (Personal or Business) it is important to select your financial priorities. 

To do this, it is easy on your internet banking to have control of all the daily and monthly incoming and outgoing transactions. 

Being in control of your expenses is the basis to better understand your needs and we are happy to help you with our services and team of experts. 

Thanks to search bar by date in “transactions” and “card” area of the IB, it is possible to search for a specific transaction and see the amount spent. This simplifies expense planning and savings. 

transaction form Trustcom Financial


2. Dream about the future 💭

Once you have built your goals and seen how easy and safe is to manage money through our platforms, feel free to “dream” and believe in your business and projects.

With a safe account, with the latest generation prepaid card it is much better to start a new financial adventure.

For freelancers or businessmen, for a designer or a CEO, for a student or a manager Trustcom always offers good solutions. For more details on our pricing and plans take a look here.

3. Stay focused 🧘🏽

Stay focused on your goals, keep track of your expenses, guaranteed security with one-click lock/unlock of your prepaid card on the internet banking, plus you can easily download your bank statement or card statement at any time.

Top-Up card? in less than a minute from your personal section.

Personal Internet Banking

Do you need to send money? Just choose one of the trusted beneficiaries people or companies from your list.

Send Money Easily Trustcom

We are always with you, receive  assistance via chat, available from 9.00 to 18.00 (CET) on working days.

In a few words you don’t need to be worried about your online account, just be focused on your projects and remember: Build, Dream, Stay focused.😉