Over three quarters of people in Europe are opening a current account

Over three quarters of people in Europe are opening a current account

The trend in Europe is clear: there are more and more individuals who are opening a current account. According to a Learnbonds study, 409.46 million Europeans (or 77.74% of the population) have decided to entrust their savings to banks or credit institutions. 

The so-called “unbanked” subjects, ie without account, make up 22% of the population and are currently at the margins of a system that is moving more and more towards the digitization of resources and financial management.

Germany ranks first among the countries with the highest number of active accounts compared to the number of inhabitants, with a rate of 83.74%, followed closely by the United Kingdom, with a rate of 83.19%; France is in third place in the ranking, where 76.84% of the population opted for opening a current account

Secondly, we find a series of countries with a significantly lower population density, but with a high percentage of active current accounts, such as Malta, Estonia, and especially Luxembourg, with a banking rate of 85.25%. Among the most refractory countries we find Romania, where currently only 48.27% of the population has decided to open a current account.

What are the plausible reasons behind the choice of many Europeans? Certainly the very fact that the use of cash in Europe is on the decline, and the consequent need to adapt to a model that provides that salaries and pensions are credited through a current account; not to mention the growing trend of online purchases.

Currently lenders and banks are moving in an increasingly digital and smart direction; today opening a current account is a matter of a few minutes, and it’s possible to manage your financial situation quickly and efficiently directly from home.

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