The new Trustcom Financial website is now online

The new Trustcom Financial website is now online

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce you to the new Trustcom Financial website, the evolved, flexible, trustworthy, secure and transparent online bank account. Our online bank service, thought for every kind of business and people, permits the opening of an online bank account in just 5 minutes with all the bank services. Moreover, you can manage it through internet banking and phone banking, for checking the down payments and balance and do transactions in any moment, from PC and smartphone.

The aim of Trustcom Financial is simplifying and reducing the bureaucracy for opening an online account, for its managing and the easiness in the daily use. A starting point for Trustcom Financial is offering an account with reasonable and advantageous maintaining costs  with transparency and that allows funds to be easily accessible at any moment.

We guarantee to our clients the right of knowing what and how much they’re paying for: trust and transparency to our customers are the basis of our enterprise.

With a Trustcom Financial account, the client receives all the services and functionalities of an online bank, starting from the Trustcom Financial BLACK EDITION Card associated to the online account, that permits to shop online and offline, getting money from any ATM machine in Italy and Europe. Furthermore, Trustcom Financial online accounts are multi-currency: in this way you can shop online and move money abroad in real time, in complete security, without any commissions. Depending on your necessities, you can require different kind of online accounts and debit card in the basicstandard and premium format, suitable for businesses and people.

For more details about the opening of an online bank account with Trustcom Financial, contact us: our team will be at your service for answering all your questions and find the best solution for you.