SEPA Instant: real-time payments from your online account

SEPA Instant: real-time payments from your online account

In the ever faster and more interconnected reality in which we live, the possibility of making SEPA instant payments is certainly an advantage. With your Trustcom Financial online account, you can use this service efficiently and safely, directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Let’s talk about SEPA payments

These are digital payments that provide for the crediting of the amount to the beneficiaries in real time (maximum 10 or 20 seconds). A simple, reliable and fast system that adapts perfectly to the needs and frenetic rhythms of everyday life.

This type of service was launched for the first time in November 2017, after being conceived by the Council of the European Parliament. The primary goal was to simplify electronic payments, making them immediate and accessible to all.

Money transfers are available throughout the SEPA area, ideal for those who travel frequently for work or do business within the countries concerned. A real game-changer for those with a global lifestyle!


SEPA payments: the benefits 

Through your online account, you can make SEPA instant transactions from one European country to another safely and quickly. This payment system provides for the protection of sensitive data, as an additional guarantee, and makes processes more efficient, since there are no time limits.

And for online shopping? Since there are no time and place restrictions, SEPA digital payments allow you to shop at any time, without leaving your home.

Plus, with the Trustcom Financial app, managing your finances becomes even easier, more immediate and risk-free. In fact, you can make SEPA transfers, always keep an eye on the current account situation and receive instant notifications.

Here at Trustcom Financial we believe in effectiveness, speed and safeness. Take a look at our Personal and Business solutions: opening an online account with us is easy and takes only five minutes!