Let’s talk about Trustcom security and protection: a guarantee for your online account 🛡

Let’s talk about Trustcom security and protection: a guarantee for your online account 🛡

Today, in the digital age, one of the most important things is the protection of personal data, with a particular eye on traditional bank accounts and online accounts.

It is very important for us to secure all our customers’ data, in line with the latest European Commission directives and at the same time it is important that the individual customer knows all the protection techniques we use.

Why are we safe? ⚔️

Your money is safe with us because all our accounts are 100% guaranteed by the Bank of Lithuania.
Thanks to our highly qualified staff, our security levels are excellent and are continuously tested and strengthened.

Let’s take a closer look 🔍

Our primary goal is to keep your money and information safe at all times. We are constantly working to protect our customers’ online account and to keep up to date with the latest technology.

For this reason, to have complete protection we use a 3-level security architecture:

  • Secure login: mobile app and internet banking login details consist of username and password or fingerprint / facial recognition (depending on the smartphone). Choose a secure password and do not share your login details with anyone.
  • Confirm PIN: This [6-digit code] is required every time you make a transfer or connect/disconnect your phone. You set it up the first time after connecting your smartphone to your online account.
  • Instant push notifications: for each incoming and outgoing payment, a push message will be sent to the connected smartphone. It is also used to confirm the finalization of transactions. We have also implemented 3D Secure to protect you from online card fraud.

Safety of card details 💳

To keep your Trustcom prepaid card safe, you can block and unblock it at any time, from our internet banking in the “cards section” or from the mobile app.

In this way, in case of theft or loss, you can always check your card and money.

Take your token 🔒

We use the OTP token to protect your account. The token allows you to have much more security regarding your online account. On the display you can see your code and keep it safe.

The code displayed will be for login only but not for transactions or payments.

If you want to request your token, log into your internet banking in the “settings” area and click on the yellow button.

Local access 💻

To keep track of the various devices to which you are logged in, you can check them on the internet banking under “access”. In this section you can see all the devices connected to your internet banking (excluding the connected device you are using now).

If you wish, you can disconnect any device at any time by simply clicking the “remove” button.

If you find any suspicious logins that you are not logged in to, please kindly email us at [email protected] and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Open your Trustcom online account, 100% guaranteed protection. 👍