What’s new? Discover our Referral plan and the advantages for your online current account 👀

What’s new? Discover our Referral plan and the advantages for your online current account 👀

We do a Referral! Yes, and we trust in this type of collaboration. From 26th January 2021 on our website, there is a new dedicated section with a form to fill for the people or companies interested in Referral for Trustcom. 

Do you already have an online current account with us? Find out how the collaboration works!

In the top menu under “Company” on our website, click on the dropdown menu and then click on the “Referral” entry and the area will appear. For collaborations, simply fill out the form and press the green “send” button.

In this way, the request will be sent to our company’s database and will be processed according to our rules.

For more information on our pricing, we usually send an informational email with our Trustcom company profile. This presentation explains all the services, the general T&C and the prices we offer to cooperate. You can request our company profile by sending an email to [email protected] and our customer service will open a ticket to respond as soon as possible.

After that, if the person or company is interested and once they have accepted our prices and rules, the collaboration can begin and we can email our agreement to the final signature.

A pool of benefits 💎

With our referral code, it’s possible to earn a lot and get discounts on services and products related to your Trustcom Financial online current account. Invite your friends and increase your earnings, or invite companies interested to start this adventure together. It’s the perfect opportunity to get only benefits from Referral marketing.

Send us an email to request the Trustcom Referral plan, have a look at our company presentation to have a better idea of our business and services.

Don’t waste time if interested, it’s simple, just visit our Referral section on Trustcom website, fill the form online and press SEND. A world of earnings and benefits for your online current account awaits you!

We will let you know soon to start collaborating.

Think about that 😉