An excellent service able to satisfy any need for an online credit institution. Are you an individual or a company? Are you looking for a flexible and secure online current account, and above all a safe card for it? Our prepaid card is the solution for you and it allows you to:


Choose the account and card that best suits your needs between Business and Personal!

Our prepaid card guarantees a high level of security and speed in payments, as well as being very attractive: an elegant black design for your Business card, an attractive transparent design with yellow details for your Personal card. You can transfer your money from the account to the card just with a click.

Secure and flexible card

Our prepaid Mastercard has been designed to guarantee the highest level of security using the SECURE CODE 3D system.
Being a prepaid card, it will not be possible to access to the bank account in case of theft. You can lock and unlock your card in real-time and check your balance from the comfort of your PC or smartphone

Card Fees

Most typical Trustcom service FEES are shown below. Fees applicable to all Trustcom services can be viewed here.

Monthly Card Cost


Card Fees


Card Shipping Charges

50 €

Card Replacement

50 €

Chargeback Fees (payment declined)


Balance Request


Commissions for purchase


ATM withdrawal fees

2% + 0.70 €

Maximum daily ATM withdrawal

1.000 €

Minimum withdrawal

10 €

Maximum daily payments limit

5.000 €

Maximum monthly transaction limit

100.000 €

When a card holder makes transactions (for example online payment, POS transactions and ATMs cash withdrawal) whatever the currency of the transaction is, the funds will be debited from the card in euros. When the currency of the transaction is not euro, the amount of the transaction is converted into euros according to the exchange rate set by Mastercard International; The exchange rate refers to the day of data processing. The currency of payment will be converted into euros by applying the exchange commission fee specified in the Rates.

You can check the Mastercard exchange rate, using the Mastercard currency conversion calculator here.

To use it, you’ll need the following information:

  • - Date of transaction
  • - % commission fee added by Trustcom (2 %)
  • - Currency and amount of the transaction
  • - Currency of your card (euro)

Daily withdrawals up to 1000€

We guarantee a maximum daily withdrawal limit of 1000€, POS payments with no commissions and free balance requests.

Make contactless payments

Pay for your groceries, shopping, or restaurant dinner with just one touch! Easy, quick, and secure payments with just a single tap of your card at any contactless terminal.

Live chat support in
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