Find out the benefits and features of our prepaid card

Find out the benefits and features of our prepaid card

Having a reliable and advanced prepaid card is a necessity, especially in this historical moment. With the Trustcom Financial card, available for Personal and Business accounts, you can make online and in-store payments efficiently and securely. In addition, there are no monthly costs or fees to pay. Let’s explore the topic together, and discover some features of the card.

Safety, first of all

Thanks to the SECURE CODE 3D, our prepaid Mastercard cards guarantee a very high level of security, and are ideal for making any type of purchase. Furthermore, the card can be blocked quickly and easily directly from Internet banking, and in the event of theft, being a prepaid card, it will not be possible to trace the account.

Full control of your financial situation

With Trustcom Financial, you can keep track of your expenses at any time! To view the card balance, simply access the appropriate section within the Internet banking or application. You can also download and print your balance and all account information in PDF.

You can check the limits of your card at any time directly from Internet banking. If you wish to change them, just write to [email protected], specifying the requested changes in the email.

Furthermore, the practical push notifications will allow you to verify in real time all the purchases you make from your account.

A prepaid card, a world of possibilities

The Trustcom Financial card allows you to carry out numerous operations. For example, you can rent a car or a motorbike, quickly recharge your smartphone and pay for utilities. You can also book your holidays, planes or hotels safely, and shop online.

In addition, the Contactless technology of our cards will allow you to make purchases even faster in stores.

Safe withdrawals

Our prepaid card has a maximum withdrawal limit of € 1000 per day, for both Personal and Business accounts. Since it is a Mastercard, you can withdraw at any ATM, anywhere in the world. We also remind you that POS payments are commission-free and that balance requests are free.

Do you have any doubts or curiosities about our services or our prepaid card? You can consult the Help Center on the site at any time, or contact us via chat from 9:00 to 18:00 on working days.

Open a Personal or Business account now and discover all the advantages of our services!