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An excellent service that satisfies your every requirement of BANK online. Do you need the best online bank account for all your needs? Do you need debit card? Do you need prepaid card with IBAN? Our Evolved Online Account is the one for you.


Personal Online Account

Trustcom Financial Card, your online bank always with you

When you open your Personal Account, you will receive a free Trustcom Financial Card associated with your online bank account. With it, you can shop online and offline and withdraw cash at all ATMs in Italy and Europe. You can change your daily or monthly spending and withdrawal limits and block it at any time. In addition, with the Trustcom Financial Card, you can shop securely and send money all over the world!

Personal Account

The Personal Account offers you the option of having a current online account with no fixed monthly costs and based only on transfer fees. You can open a Personal Account in a few minutes starting from 5 euros, without additional costs, taxes or stamps. All you need is a pc, a tablet or a smartphone. We offer three different Personal Account solutions: Basic, Standard and Premium, tailored to your needs. You can open your personal online account today and have it available in 10 days. Or, activate your online account with the Express option to be able to do your operations after just 24 hours!

Spend all over the world in real time!

Trustcom Financial offers personal online accounts that allow you to buy online and transfer money to different countries in real time, in complete security. Our money transfer system does not include commissions on currency exchange and offers the most advantageous rates.

Monthly Cost 5 € 10 € 20 €
Transfers Included 3 7 15
Fee for subsequent transfers 2 € 2 € 2 €
Account Activation 10 days 10 days 10 days
Customer Support
Express account active in 24 hours (Optional) 50 € 50 € 50 €

Finally free to choose

An online account suitable for people and families, safe and reliable for the management of expenses and collections, in total safety, thanks to cutting-edge technologies of the latest generation, constantly updated. You can manage your account online via internet banking and phone banking, check your balance and movements at any time from your PC and smartphone.

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