Online current account: the number of transactions made via smartphone is growing

Online current account: the number of transactions made via smartphone is growing

Conto corrente online: transazioni da smartphone

25% of the Italian population between the ages of 18 and 75 do not grab the smartphone only to take a picture or post something on social media, but also to access their online current account or other financial and insurance services. This is what emerges from a survey carried out by the Fintech & Insurtech Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, at the end of 2018. The growth, compared to the previous year, is about 10%: a significant percentage, which leads us to reflect on the new customers’ requirements.

In particular, the online banking apps are used above all to perform simple transactions quickly and effectively, such as transferring money between private individuals and checking the balance on the account. As regards the management of savings, digital alternatives to services offered by banks and post offices are increasing too. However, in this context, customers still prefer more traditional solutions. Digital technologies also meet those who invest online or require financial advice. In recent years, the Robo Advisor has begun to spread, providing financial advice based on mathematical formulas and algorithms. In this case, human intervention is really minimal.

Faced with this scenario, the bank branches physically present in the area are trying to keep up and meet all those customers who do not yet feel ready to have an online current account, but still wish to benefit from the technological innovations. This is how new-generation brick and mortar banks spread. They count within them at least one station that can allow users to carry out banking transactions independently, such as sending a bank transfer. Even the simple ATMs have evolved in recent years: most of them not only allow you to withdraw and deposit money, but also to pay checks, top up your mobile phone or prepaid cards.

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