Online current account scams at the time of coronavirus

Online current account scams at the time of coronavirus

Conto corrente online e truffe legate al covid-19

This is not the first time we have addressed the issue of online current account security.
We go back to it because, exploiting the concerns that the Coronavirus is generating among people, web criminals are moving to target unsuspecting victims with phishing activities related to COVID-19. Among fake entrepreneurs and fake guides for prevention, with the new virus there are in fact increased cases of looting and fraud against citizens.

The Italian Postal Police has recently reported, for example, a campaign of computer fraud through the forwarding of emails with professional and absolutely credible language, signed by an alleged expert of the World Health Organization. By inviting to open an information attachment, actually infected by malware of the “Ostap” family and hidden in a javascript archive, they aimed to steal our sensitive data and information related to the online current account.

In addition, the National Center for Cybercrime for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure of the Postal Police, reports another campaign of fake e-mails, written in Japanese, which under the pretext of providing updates on the virus, invited to open a malicious attachment that aimed to take possession of the credentials and bank data of the unfortunate.

But that’s not all, a case of fraud through intrusion into online banking channels has also been reported. While monitoring her internet banking, a woman from Forlì displayed a message that seemed to come from her bank, with an invitation to click on an information link on the subject of coronavirus and protection of bank staff. Clicking without suspicion, the next day the woman received a bank transfer charge of almost ten thousand euros. Immediately the fact was reported to the institute, blocking the online system. But since it was a so-called instant bank transfer, it will not be easy to recover that money.

The invitation of the authorities is to be careful and not to let your guard down. The security of our online bank account also goes through the monitoring of these messages and their sudden reporting to the postal police, contact us to find out more.

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