Online current account in Italy: how many people choose it?

Online current account in Italy: how many people choose it?

Conto corrente online: quanti italiani lo scelgono?

With the advent of the digital revolution, which has transformed our lives and habits in recent years, more and more Italians are choosing an online current account to organize their savings. The possibilities of managing money remotely are now multiple: in addition to online banking platforms and apps, made available by traditional banks for their customers, there are online banks which do not have a physical location in the territory. Let’s analyze which are the major trends in this sector in our Italy.

Looking further into Europe, the European Digital Banking 2019 research, conducted by di Mastercard on 11 markets, including the Italian one, reveals that 6 out of 10 people use digital banking solutions at least once a month. As many as 63% use mobile banking apps included in the services provided by traditional banks, while the percentage drops for banks exclusively online, chosen only in 20% of the cases. However, we are led to believe that this number will rise a lot over the next few years because from the same research emerged that Italians choose online banking for its ease of use, for saving time and for convenience: features that can be found enhanced if you decide to open an online current account.

This type of account allows you to carry out all the main banking operations from a PC or smartphone. It is no longer necessary to deal with traffic and reach the nearest branch and get in line, because everything is replaced by a click. Furthermore, most online banking services offer cost-effective solutions for both private individuals and companies and they can be easily found on the Internet. At the moment, the group of users most willing to convert to a digital bank is composed by young people between 18 and 29. It is not difficult for us to imagine how this step will be simple and immediate for them.

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