Online current account: how to prevent hackers attack

Online current account: how to prevent hackers attack

Conto corrente online: come difendersi dagli hacker

Today more and more people choose to use home banking services, like an online current account. That’s why we hear, more often than in the past, news related to thefts of money on the web, made by professional hackers. Fortunately, this scenario can be avoid and for this reason it is good to know the dynamics behind cyber crimes, in order to properly defend our financial information. Let’s find out how we can protect from these attacks and using home banking services in security.

The first question is: who are the hackers? The term hacker indicates a person who is highly passionate and competent in the field of computer science, but the term is commonly used in the everyday and journalistic language, to indicate a person that uses his technical skills to enter illegally and voluntarily in a system, for appropriating its data or tampering with it. The highly knowledge of this people in the field of computer science makes it necessary for anyone that use an online current account, to learn how to defend themselves from these attacks. When we talk about computer security, in fact, the first point on which we must work is the defense. It is sufficient to put in place some small tricks to prevent numerous problems.

First of all, you need to be careful with the networks and computers you use to connect to online banking. We do not recommend accessing your personal area using computers and shared networks. Even knowing the status of your electronic devices is important; operating systems and antivirus protections should be always updated. It is always preferable to use the same browser and computer to avoid encountering infected PCs. One more things to do is avoiding enter, for any reason, the credentials of your current account on unknown or on unsafe websites (those that do not use the https protocol, generally accompanied by the lock icon).

These are just the basic precautions we should follow to defend our data. But we have to recognize that hackers, over the years, have refined their methods using increasingly sophisticated ways to obtain sensitive information from online bank accounts.

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