The advantages of having an online current account during the Coronavirus emergency

The advantages of having an online current account during the Coronavirus emergency

I vantaggi di avere un conto corrente online durante l’emergenza Coronavirus

The advantages of an online current account are countless, especially during this particular historical moment when restrictive measures applied in various countries in Europe and around the world prevent you from going to a branch. 

First of all, there is the fact that you can keep track of your financial situation at any time, through your PC, smartphone or tablet; but there is also the possibility of paying bills and mortgage payments directly from your own devices.

Accessing your online current account through a home banking system is very simple: thanks to this type of platform you can make “traditional” transactions and receive assistance quickly and effectively through chat, social media and email support services.

As a result of lockdown measures, avoiding unnecessary movements has become an imperative; thanks to the possibilities offered by home banking services, the account management becomes fully automated and just a click away. 

What are the operations that can be carried out through home banking? From paying taxes and mortgages, to transferring money from one account to another, to online purchases, to monitoring your debit and/or credit cards. 

The possibility of having constant updates on your financial situation allows you to have everything under control in a simple and efficient way and prevent fraud. In the meantime, the possibility of carrying out transactions directly from home helps to prevent the risk of contagion from Covid-19 by going to crowded spaces. 

Through the home banking platforms it is also possible to deal directly with the Customer Service to get clarification on your products, on the status of your accounts and on the functionality of your cards, so that you always have a complete overview of your situation. 

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