The online business account designed for overseas trade

The online business account designed for overseas trade

According to Bill Gates, the post Coronavirus workplace will be very different. The Microsoft founder recently released an interview in which he declares that business travel will probably be reduced by 50% even after the end of the pandemic. Another consequence could be an increasing use of remote working, to allow people even very far away to work together. To keep up with a changing world, the intent of Trustcom Financial’s online business account is to help you manage your business, even abroad.

Our proposals for accounts for companies are in fact perfect for those who often engage in commercial exchanges or dream of doing business in other countries. Whether you are the CEO of a small start-up or a freelancer, our online accounts will be perfectly capable of meeting every business need. Let’s find out together which are the advantages of our online business account for those who love to think “global”!

A smart solution, wherever you are

The fact of relying on a completely online service is already a considerable advantage in itself. In this historical moment, thanks to the generalized lockdowns in various parts of the world, traveling for work has become much more complicated.

When it comes to finance management, the Trustcom Financial online business account becomes your best ally! Our app allows you to carry out any type of operation at any time, even in remote working.

In addition, managing business expenses on the other side of the world will no longer be a problem, thanks to the new internet banking, which we will launch soon! A fresh, modern and easy-to-use graphical interface will guide users in navigating their personal area. Thanks to this platform it will be even more intuitive to check the account balance, manage incoming and outgoing expenses, block and unblock the card, and make top-ups. A turning point to have full control of your online business account!

SWIFT Payments Worldwide

With Trustcom Financial there are no borders! With our Business plans you can in fact make SWIFT and SEPA transfers and payments in other countries in a simple and intuitive way, even from the app.

Furthermore, thanks to our prepaid card, placing orders and purchases online for your business is easy and, above all, safe. All our cards are in fact equipped with a 3D Secure Code.

And for those who do business outside the EU?

Our online business account is perfectly suited to the needs of any type of company, even those that have business relationships outside the European Union.

Our Extra EU plan is dedicated to them, which allows you to simplify transactions abroad, in a simple and safe way.

We are always with you and with your business

Wherever your company is located, our Support Team is always ready to assist you when you need it. You can always consult a list of FAQs on the site, but if you need personalized advice you can find us in chat from 9.00 to 18.00 (CET) on working days.

Do you have a more complex request for us? You can write to us at any time at the email address [email protected].

The online business account in step with your goals

Here at Trustcom Financial we offer different plans for different necessities, this is because every business is unique and has special needs.

Whether your goal is to land your company abroad, become a successful freelancer, or travel for work, we have the answer for you. Choose a plan between Basic, Standard, Premium and Extra EU to start, and open your Business account, we’ll take care of the rest.