Online bank and the Pec value

Online bank and the Pec value

As we have already told you in the previous news, an online bank can match a physical one in terms of reliability.

But it’s clear that many try to undermine its reputation. Some of you may remember the fraud occurred some days ago with the aim of damaging important online banks. We have decided to tell it because it marks the role of the pec, which hasn’t be considered at risk until this episode; it was used for communication between banks and public administrations in the management of the most delicate operations, in fact this tool was considered to have high security level.

Everything has changed three months ago, at the beginning of May, when some cyber criminals have been discovered defrauding online banks and account holders. Five people have been accused of criminal association aiming to computer fraud, abusive access to an information system and criminal impersonation.

Messina’s police issued a preventive detention ordinance against a gang from the Ionian cost, operating in all the Italian area.  

The inquiry, called “fraudatores”, revealed a fraud based on the fact that the criminals had modified certified electronic mail addresses, belonging to some of the biggest online Italian and foreign banks, replacing them with other similar pec addresses. It represented an efficient solution for entering communications between clients and the online bank in question, but mainly for acquiring the access credentials of online bank accounts.

In sum, these criminals got credibility using false certified electronic addresses pretending that they were bank pec. In this way, many credit institutions accounts have been emptied.

It’s interesting that the criminals immediately switched the stolen money in bitcoin.

Bu we don’t have to forget that the using of pec mail boxes allowed the rapid identification of the presumed responsibles.

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