Bank account online: price increases 2018

Bank account online: price increases 2018

conto corrente online: rincari

Bad news for holders of the online bank account: cash deposits and checks will increase by 60%. While 0,55€ were enough for a transaction in January 2018, nowadays you would need 0,88€.

The news is part of a popular trend which involves bank institutions, both with and without branches. Traditional banks have experienced many increases: the first concerns the cost of a current account, which has increased by 60% at the beginning of the year; as well as the cost of withdrawals at the counter or at the ATM of another credit institution.

Even having a credit card has become more expensive during 2018: the annual fee has increased, as the commissions on transfers in the bank (11% more).

To be sure, some items of expenditure have remained, fortunately, completely unchanged over the course of the year: the annual fee for account keeping, the credit of salary and online transactions has remained free, as well as the costs for online transfers, the withdrawal from your bank, even from another EU branch and the costs for the domiciliation of domestic users and the annual fee for the debit card.

However, there are some good news: the deposit of salary has become completely free (up to January the cost is about €3).

In addition, there are other positive news for those who have chosen to open an online bank account: the costs of individual checks have fallen far beyond those of bank transfers arranged at the counter.

Few good news in a sea of ​​price increases that involved all the banking institutions: this is what emerges from the analysis that have studied all the costs that must be faced by the holders of a current account to manage their assets.

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