Best online bank account: the importance of services

Best online bank account: the importance of services

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It always happens that even the best online bank account, proposed as a zero-cost account, increases management costs. This is the opposite situation of what would be expected after the news of open banking and the Psd2 directive, which encouraged the opening of the payment systems market.

What has affected the costs increase is the change in the level of effective operations on the bank account compared to the profile chosen during the initial phase of opening the account. Technology has changed the type of customer interaction with the bank system and today only one bank account holder out of two declares himself satisfied with the services offered by their bank: 53.6% for branches, 48.1% for mobile and 52% for internet banking. Currently, most of the offers are linked to the use of a credit card, but it will not take long before things change. New customized optional will be available soon and, for customers, the best online bank account will be the most innovative one. Today one italian out of five is looking for always more original services, not just banking, including health and wellness, shopping, flight reservations, hotel or taxi, telecommunications. The concept of account is evolving towards services aggregation so that they won’t necessarily concern the financial sector. What banks will have to focus on is the growth of optionals connected to the accounts, the development of collaborations and, above all, the freedom of choice for the consumer. The title of “best online bank account” should be won by the most innovative and differentiated one.

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