Online bank: a reliable solution?

Online bank: a reliable solution?

Let’s clear up that an online bank is as reliable as a physical one: both are controlled by the ECB (European Central Bank), for this reason they have to strictly respect its rules in terms of security.

If you’re looking for an online bank but you would like to receive additional information about its characteristics and benefits, let’s examine this question.

With the advent of the digital era, every banking institution had to provide online offers and services, maintaining their physical offices at the same time. However, other new online banks, operating mainly or only via web, have risen up in the same context of the historical banks.

This typology of banking institutions have entered the Italian financial world about 20 years ago, but initially their arrival hasn’t received a warm welcome, probably because the main account holders were worried about not knowing where their savings were concretely situated, they couldn’t touch them nor be reassured by a physical interlocutor.

But in few time, these new banking solutions have become more and more popular in the financial market thanks to their reliability and their competitive pricing: zero-cost account, interest receivable and a huge variety of services.

Traditional banks had to rapidly adapt themselves to this new reality, that has been able from the start to focus itself on customers and on their needs. The removal of the account costs has been a great revolution such as the fact that now the account holder doesn’t have to go to the bank office anymore, wasting time for simple daily operations.

Nowadays there are two existing types of online bank: some of them operate only on the web, while others are hybrids, which operate both on the web and in physical offices.

These solutions should not to be confused with physical banks, which, feeling the strong competition, have start to offer the possibility of managing their current accounts from home with an online mode in these last period. However, they have maintained the traditional channels like offices, usually well distributed on the national territory and they keep allowing many financial operations from smartphone or laptop.

It’s not easy sto select  the huge range of offerings proposed, also because there is not the absolute best of all, but there is the most suitable for you and this is depending on your personal needs.

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