Tax regimes for the attraction of individuals in Italy and online account

Tax regimes for the attraction of individuals in Italy and online account

For optimal management of your online account, you need to keep several factors in mind. First, it is useful to have a general overview of tax breaks, especially in countries such as Italy. In fact, in order to attract a qualified workforce, the Italian State offers numerous incentives for those who decide to move their tax residence there.

The world of tax management is complex, and in order to juggle optimally, it is good to know what are, or could be, the facilities provided for by national and European laws.

Today we are delving into the topic of tax regimes for the attraction of individuals. This is a useful topic for those who have an online account in Italy or abroad, and want to benefit from the advantages provided by national laws.

Regimes of attraction of natural persons, what is it about?

The Italian law proposes, for some categories of workers who wish to transfer their tax residence to Italy, incentives and benefits.

The ultimate purpose of this kind of tax policy is the attraction of highly qualified human resources capable of promoting the socio-economic development of the country.

The schemes are aimed at those who come from another country and wish to move to Italy, or to Italians who wish to return after a period abroad. The necessary condition for obtaining the benefits is that the interested party has resided abroad for a shorter or longer period.

Furthermore, only certain categories of workers will benefit from the incentives. First, teachers and researchers, but also self-employed workers and employees, the so-called “impatriates”, who have a degree or are highly specialized in the job they perform. Other categories concerned are students or graduates who have worked/earned academic degrees abroad.

What are the benefits for those who maintain a foreign account?

Before deciding whether to move to Italy, it is necessary to have a full awareness of the complex Italian tax system.

In fact, those who decide to keep assets, an account (physical or online), or investments abroad, in general, must take into account the Italian laws on monitoring the RW framework. For those who reside for tax purposes in Italy, in fact, there is an obligation to declare the income produced abroad, contrary to what happens for non-residents.

However, for the “new residents”, there are many benefits. Article 24-bis of the TUIR (Consolidated Law on Income Taxes, Presidential Decree 22 December 1986 no. 917), updated following the Law of 27 December 2019, no. 160, provides for a flat-rate substitute tax for income produced outside Italy, replacing the “standard” taxation.

Also following the 2020 Budget Law, for those who decide to join the aforementioned regime, there is an exemption from filling in the RW part. The beneficiaries will also be exempt from paying IVIE (Tax on the value of properties held abroad) and IVAFE (Tax on the value of financial products, current and savings accounts) for a period of time up to 15 years.

Another advantage provided for new residents is the exemption from inheritance and gift tax on assets located outside Italy.

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