March edition: new features for your Trustcom online account 🔥

March edition: new features for your Trustcom online account 🔥

Welcome to Trustcom new features for March!

As you know, we are constantly working to improve our services, products and ensure the highest level of standards for your online account. It takes a lot of work to do this, but we are more than happy to grow our experience to meet all of our customers’ needs while, at the same time, keeping our technologies up to date, in line with the latest technology and software.

Less words now, let’s move on the facts 😎

We are pleased to introduce you to the list of beneficiaries.

Finally, on our Internet Banking it is possible to pay trusted people or companies without having to authenticate each payment via SMS! But what does it mean?
Login to your online account through our internet banking, simply tick the “add trusted beneficiaries” box during the SEPA payment order, and that’s it!

In this way, for the next payments, all the data of the beneficiary will already be saved in the list, and you will only have to select the name of the person or company you want to send money to.

How to create a list?

Simple, in your personal area of internet banking, in SEPA Payment, add a beneficiary, fill in the fields and save it. In this way, your list will be created with your first recipient’s name.
The next payments from your online account will be easier.

Instant & Fast 🤙

Yes, this is our SEPA INSTANT payment: fast, secure and available on our platform from January 20, 2021. An incredible superfast service will allow all our customers to transfer money instantly and safely, a little help in our daily life.

How to use it on your online account? See the SEPA article here. 

Research and hard work allow us to always be in step with the technologies of the moment; we never stop improving ourselves every day, always bringing news to our services.

This is just the beginning, stay updated with our news on

Want to SWIFT? 😜

In case you need it, our SWIFT is finally back!
At the moment it is only possible to receive SWIFT payments, not to send them, but we are constantly working to improve our services as mentioned before, and also the Swift project.

Appearances matter 💄

Last but not least, our new graphical interface!
We have changed our style, our brand image and colors not only to follow the wave of a fresh style but first of all to improve it and further help its use by customers.

A modern, intuitive and simple design is the basis for a good navigation on our website and internet banking. All our services are shown following a simple interface concept.
In line with our new brand guidelines, we also have a new design for email notifications: different colors and a simple layout help a lot with communication!

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Your opinion on our products and services is very important to us, let us know your thoughts, what you would like to change and your ideas about our online account’s options! 💡