Simplify your online current account management with Trustcom Financial’s app

Simplify your online current account management with Trustcom Financial’s app

The management of personal finances can be a tricky business for those with a dynamic and busy lifestyle. Having full control of your economic situation by opening an online current account with Trustcom Financial is possible and … at app!

The app, downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play, is intuitive and easy to use. Let’s find out together what advantages it offers.

Everything under control, anytime, anywhere

Whether you are on a business trip or on vacation, Trustcom Financial’s goal is to help you manage your finances. Thanks to the app, you can get a complete overview of your online current account situation directly on your smartphone: from the transactions carried out to your expenses and monthly limits. You will also receive real-time push notifications every time you make a transaction. 

Manage your debit card directly from the app

Tired of the expanded timeline when you need to reload your prepaid card? Through the application you can top up your Trustcom Financial debit card instantly and at any time. 

In case of theft or loss, you can also block your card from your smartphone in a timely and secure manner.

Send transfers in real time

Trustcom Financial’s services are a valuable solution for those who often do business abroad. It is also possible to send SEPA (for European payments) and SWIFT (for international payments) instant transfers via app.

Safety first

The app has been designed according to Trustcom Financial’s high security standards to provide users with a risk-free experience. In addition, the account card used for online payments and transfers is equipped with 3D Secure Code MasterCard

If you are looking for an efficient, fast and reliable solution to manage and control your expenses, Trustcom Financial is the solution for you. Open an online current account with us now and download our app from Google Play or the App Store.