Debit card with IBAN: the 3D Secure Code

Debit card with IBAN: the 3D Secure Code

Carta di debito con conto 3D Secure Code

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The protocols that regulate the security of a debit card with IBAN are now very developed. In fact, there are several security codes that protect payments and transactions related to our cards, including the 3D Secure Code. Its name stands for “3 Domain Secure” and is an anti-fraud security system adopted by payment circuits such as Visa and Mastercard that avoids the risks associated with software specialized in fishing, able to intercept the buttons of the keyboards while typing the pin and security codes.
Whenever an online transaction is carried out, a single-use security code is sent via sms to be entered to complete it. In this way the 3D Secure Code adds a further step to the authentication of the real card holder, necessarily raising the level of security of online purchases. But be careful not to confuse it with the CVV2 code that is on the back of all credit and debit cards, because they are two different instruments.
The 3D Secure Code service is free, requires no commissions and is mandatory in all sites where the Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode logos are present.
Its activation is very simple and fast, it requires only two steps: certify the phone number on which the OTP code will arrive and associate the same number to your debit card with IBAN.
The 3D Secure Code protects your savings from people with whom you have shared your password but also from hackers who could intercept your data entry. In fact, even the most expert of fraudsters would be able to access your mobile phone and intercept the single-use code to transfer money from your account to theirs.
This security system is another form of protection that bank institutions provide to their account holders to safeguard them and protect their information and accounts from the loss of money due to their own mistakes.

Trustcom Financial have also adopted the 3D Secure Code system to ensure the highest standard of security for holders of our debit card account. To receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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