Debit Card


Account Card with IBAN

An excellent service able to satisfy any need for an online BANK. Are you a private person or a company? Are you looking for a flexible and secure online current account, but in particular a safe debit card for it? Our Account Card with IBAN is the solution for you and it allows you to:

  • Withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Receive salary and pension
  • Recharge the mobile phone
  • Charge utilities and installment payments
  • Book hotels, planes and holidays

Safe and flexible debit card

Our Mastercard debit card has been thought for guaranteeing the highest security level employing the SECURE CODE 3D system, which permits safe online transactions and protects from frauds. Due to the fact that is a prepaid card, accessing the current account in case of theft won’t be possible.
Furthermore, using our web app, you will be able to block and unblock the card in real time and checking your balance comfortably from your PC or smartphone.

Daily withdrawals up to 1000€

Opening our online current account you will receive for free the associated debit card. We guarantee a maximum daily withdrawal limit of 1000€, POS payments with no commissions and free balance requests.

Chat support and worldwide purchases

Bring your bank along with you and receive chat support from 9 to 24 hours, 7 days per week!
Thanks to our Debit Card with embossed numerals you can carry out operations at Mastercard ATMs all over the world with no fee for currency exchange.

Price List

Debit Card cost FREE
Monthly card fee FREE
Commissions for receiving payments (SEPA) FREE
Card Express Delivery 50 €
Card replacement 50 €
Commission chargeback (payment declined) FREE
Balance Enquiry FREE
Commissions for purchases FREE
ATMs withdrawal charges 2% + 0.70 €
Maximum daily withdrawal of ATMs 1.000 €
Minimum daily ATM withdrawal 10 €
Maximum daily payments limit 5.000 €
Maximum monthly transactions limit 100.000 €

Free to choose

Our mission is to support anyone, individuals and companies. Our current accounts satisfy any personal or business need. We work to give you the best. To allow everyone to have a checking account even if you've had protests.

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