Debit card with a bank account: advantages of cashless payments

Debit card with a bank account: advantages of cashless payments

Carta di debito con conto: utilizzi e vantaggi dei pagamenti cashless

Today in Italy one payment in five is made without using cash: it emerges from a study on payment habits conducted in 2017 by Mastercard and The European House – Ambrosetti. For this reason, owning a debit card with a bank account has become an increasingly common requirement.

Let’s find out why it is important to have the possibility to make cashless payments and what are the advantages enjoyed by the holders of a card with iban.

Although in 2014 52% of Italians were still fond of cash (source: Nielsen), in recent years the use of payment methods that do not include coins and banknotes has increased, thanks also to the development of particular technologies, such as the advent of contactless or mobile payment. In the UK, payment by debit card is even preferred over the paper money.

However, to take advantage of electronic money and purchasing safely, you need to choose your debit card safely.

First of all, a debit card with linked to your account allows you to always keep your expenses under control, avoiding unpleasant surprises. A debit card related to an IBAN allows you to use only the money on your account at the time of the transaction. It allows you to receive salary or pension, charge utilities and it is useful for travelers, to withdraw from ATMs all over the world.

Owning a debit card means more security for you. In fact using a cashless payment method you have not to carry paper money with you. Moreover, thanks to the use of the PIN code and the possibility of blocking the card in the event of theft and loss, the control over your own liquidity never fails and it is possible to intervene immediately in the event of fraud.

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