Debit card and online shopping: how to protect yourself from scams

Debit card and online shopping: how to protect yourself from scams

Today, 87% of Italian Internet users shop online and this is what emerges from a Nielsen survey in 2017. For this reason, we wonder whether the debit card we use to make purchases on the web, is safe. Unfortunately, cases of scams perpetrated against unsuspecting network users who communicate their personal data on the web, including their card number, are not rare. So let’s try to understand together how online scams are presented and what to do to avoid them, safeguarding your current account.

The first example of online fraud to watch out for to protect your savings is phishing. This term means a stratagem that criminals carry on to extort personal information from people, such as passwords, identity document numbers, but also ATM pin codes or any cards. All this happens many times using a banner, which leads to a website very similar to another  web page which really exists. To protect yourself from this type of scam, the advice is only one: prudence. Before choosing the payment method for your online purchases, remember to check very well the URL of the site you are buying from: do you think it is different from the usual? Has the graphic of the page changed? Instead, if you want to buy some products from an e-commerce you have never tried, look for some online reviews.

Speaking of phishing, it is not uncommon for the thefts of sensitive data to be carried out using electronic mail. Many scammers send emails very similar emails to the ones sent by banking institutions, correlated by a text in which they urgently invite the subject to share sensitive data related to their current account. In most cases, a good antivirus is able to recognize these messages and immediately mark them as spam. However, prudence in these cases is always necessary, so ​​never reply to emails that seem suspicious to you and that request information about your debit card or your bank account. If in doubt, always contact your bank.

Finally, whenever you buy from an e-commerce, pay attention to the goods you put in the cart, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences. Be wary of sites that are little known (a search on search engines will allow you in a few minutes to have clear the reputation of a portal) that offer goods at bargain prices. Most likely, nothing will be delivered to you. Should we therefore give up online shopping to protect our savings? No, we shouldn’t. It’s enough using our cards on reliable e-commerce.

If you desire to shop online safely but you haven’t identified yet a debit card right for you, do not hesitate to contact us.