Coronavirus emergency: how to keep your online account safe

Coronavirus emergency: how to keep your online account safe

Emergenza Covid: tenere al sicuro il conto online

As the Coronavirus emergency evolves, the new rules providing social distancing have radically changed the way we work, do business and manage our online account.

We already talked about the numerous online scams in this particular historical period: today we will see how to actively intervene to protect the current account during the ongoing emergency.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission has warned U.S. citizens about the “Covid-19 Scams”, the online scams of those who, through e-mail phishing or money requests for supposed fundraisers, exploit uncertainty and general panic to take possession of victims’ sensitive data.

Here are some tips for keeping your bank data safe during the Covid-19 emergency.

  • Do not access your account using public Wi-Fi: using free connections or hotspots, especially in this period, can put your sensitive data at serious risk.
  • Change passwords on your internet banking platforms: ideally you should change your passwords every 3 or 4 months. If you haven’t done it recently, this might be the right opportunity to provide additional protection for your account.
  • Track your recent activities: a constant check of your latest movements is a good habit in general, but now it’s more necessary than ever to avoid online scams.
  • Pay attention to the apps that have direct access to your account: making online payments or sending money to friends and relatives trough finance management apps, it’s never been easier. We recommend to constantly track these apps, since rapid access to bank details could seriously threaten your online account’s security.
  • Beware of “phishing” e-mails: in the last week, Google registered an average of 18 million virus and e-mail scams on a daily basis, as a consequence of the Coronavirus effect. It’s a good habit to avoid providing your sensitive data online, even when requests by e-mail come from presumed banks or public entities.

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