It’s finally here! Connect your online current account to the new Trustcom app! ✨

It’s finally here! Connect your online current account to the new Trustcom app! ✨

Yes, yes and yes, we did it! 🔥😎  The new version of your app linked to your Business or Personal online current account is ready. 
A completely new friendly interface and an attractive design are the ingredients of this little girl, conceived to improve our customers’ experience.

We have worked hard over the last few months to study and design a faster, more functional app that everyone can use. With the new design, you can fully control your money movements and make transfers in an even more immediate and totally secure way. 

All icons, colors, buttons, animations and details are designed for a good user experience.
One of our main goals was to keep the layout simple but at the same time to have all details, all sections and different functionalities available in the best possible way… And we did it!  

It will now be easier and much safer to have full control of your Trustcom online current account.

Online current account: the new app is ready| Trustcom Financial

In this way you can have your card and your Trustcom world always with you, wherever you are. Control all your financial activities, everywhere and in every moment. Make payments and send you money easily and safely.
The new app design allows you to recharge your card and transfer money worldwide with your smartphone in a more immediate way.

Get real-time notifications every time you receive or spend money, control your account without complications, relax and… Let your business grow.

Just download the new App from the App Store or Google Play and start using it right away! 📱💛
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