Combine a prepaid card with your online current account

Combine a prepaid card with your online current account

If you are preparing to open an online current account for you or your company, you will have wondered at least once what type of payment card is the most convenient to combine. Is it better to have a credit card, and then benefit from a deferred debit of the necessary amount, or a classic debit card to keep your account always under control, without running the risk of sending it in red?

Today we are talking about a third possibility: a prepaid card with IBAN code. This type of solution is very common because it allows you to simply manage online purchases or those made while traveling, and ensures an unprecedented level of security. The prepaid card belongs to the category of debit cards, so it can be used until the loaded amount is exhausted, and with immediate debit. However, its functionality is very similar to that of a credit card: you can withdraw cash or book hotels, planes and vacations. In short, it is the right choice for professionals or companies used to work abroad and travel.

The advantages of Trustcom Financial’s card

By opening a Personal or Business online current account you will receive for free the associated prepaid card with IBAN and you will benefit from many advantages:

  • Withdrawals up to 1000 euros per day;
  • No commission for POS payments;
  • SECURE CODE 3D system for secure online transactions;
  • Transactions without additional commissions at Mastercard ATMs, even abroad;
  • Simple and fast management from Trustcom Financial’s App with the possibility to know the available balance in real time;
  • Chat assistance from 9 to 24, 7 days a week.


In case of theft or cloning with a prepaid card it will not be possible in any way to trace your account, this allows you to benefit from a higher degree of security and more privacy.

Are you looking for an online current account that meets your company’s need for flexibility and helps you manage your money confidentially? Talk to our experts!