Check your online current account using the new Trustcom Financial’s app

Check your online current account using the new Trustcom Financial’s app

Novità per Trustcom Financial: nasce l’applicazione per rendere il tuo conto online a portata di Smartphone

Intuitive, functional and performing: these are the main features of the new application for Trustcom Financial online current account holders. Designed and built to meet the need for speed and immediacy of every customer, the app can be downloaded for free from the main stores and within a few minutes, you will be able to perform banking operations directly from your smartphone, in just a few simple “tap”.

Taking the first steps 

Once the application is installed on your phone and you have logged in with the ID, password and PIN, you can begin to discover all its features. A screen with the latest transactions will open, so launching your browser to check the charges made or the payment of utilities won’t be necessary any longer. Transactions can also be filtered by date, so you can easily search for those that took place over a certain period of time. Clicking on the menu icon, located at the top left, a curtain with all the operations that can be performed through the app, such as making SEPA and SWIFT transfers or even recharging your Trustcom card, will open. The same operations can also be easily performed by clicking on the corresponding icons, fixed at the bottom of the screen. This is another confirmation of the intuitive use of this tool.

Reliability and security 

Like the other products offered by Trustcom Financial, the application also guarantees the same high levels of security. Thanks to the dual authentication mechanism (password and PIN, or a biometric data recognition system), it will be possible to avoid unwanted access attempts within your personal area. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that Trustcom Financial protects the money deposited with innovative and technologies, ensuring its customers the ability to open an online current account that is quick to use but without compromising security.

FAQ section 

The app is designed not only to carry out operations, but also to assist the customer anytime they need help. For this reason a “FAQ” section, which is accessible via the drop-down menu or the icon below, has been inserted. In this section, you can find answers regarding SEPA and SWITF transfer costs and the use of the Trustcom card.

If you desire an online current account that allows you to carry out the main banking transactions from your smartphone, through a free app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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