Business online bank account: defend it with the OTP token system

Business online bank account: defend it with the OTP token system

Conto corrente online aziendale: difendilo con il sistema token OTP

Defending your business from possible attacks on its capital is not always easy. To carry on your business safely, it is important to choose wisely the company’s online bank account. In particular, it is necessary to be cautious while performing home banking and web payments. Relying on an online bank that protects its customers with efficient and cutting-edge tools is the first step to manage your business in total safety.

Being able to authenticate using an OTP (One Time Password) system greatly reduces the user’s vulnerability. But what is meant by OTP? And who can take advantage of this effective defense tool? An OTP authentication system consists of two components: the first is a user identification code and it is invariable, while the second numerical sequence is a password that changes with every application. This random password is generated by a device called a token; each of our business online bank account includes an OTP token, to better protect your business together with you.

The OTP token is a secure, practical and easy to use device. Its appearance is very similar to that of a USB key, with a small LCD screen and a power button. Whenever you need the One Time Password, just press the token button, which will generate the number series in a few moments. The creation of the password takes place thanks to an algorithm that is solved whenever we activate the token. Choosing an online bank that allows the use of this device is advantageous, because the OTP represents, to date, a reliable and easy-to-use system to defend your business against online fraud.

If you want to open a business online bank account that is able to meet your security needs but at low cost, contact us to learn more about our proposals.

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