Business account: a guide to choose it

Business account: a guide to choose it

Starting a business is an exciting but also complex process, because the decisions to make before the final “launch” or first sale are countless. An important choice concerns, for example, the opening of a business account: which institution to trust and which type of account to apply for?

As you know, each company has different goals, as well as specific financial needs. Whether you are a novice and need a simple current account for your company, or you have been in the business for years and you are looking for a change, there are many factors you should consider before opening or moving an account. Here are some basic questions that can guide you in your choice.

“Which services do I need?”

The first point to consider when choosing a new bank account is the range of basic services offered. Among the main ones there is the possibility to receive a matching payment card and the presence of an App through which you can make transactions. These are important advantages, because they allow to manage the account in a simpler way and, at the same time, to reduce management costs. Often there is also the need to request assistance in a direct and timely manner; choosing Trustcom Financial services this is possible through a real time chat, available 7 days a week.

“What are my spending expectations?”

The bank commissions for companies are very varied, there are free ones, but also from thousands of dollars per month. As your business becomes more complex, it is reasonable to expect an increase in costs. For this very reason, by opening a business account with Trustcom Financial you can choose from 4 different options, depending on the needs of your business: Basic, Standard, Premium and Extra EU.

“How many and which transactions would I like to make monthly?”

During your search, be sure to check if there are limits for cash deposits, withdrawals through ATMs or wire transfers, so it will be easier to estimate the actual costs you will need to cover. Each of the business plans offered by us, for example, includes between 7 and over 30 wire transfers in the monthly fee.

Your company’s success is determined by its financial performance, which is why choosing a business account is so important. Would you like more information about our services for businesses? Our experts are at your disposal!