Black Friday: a challenge for your online current account

Black Friday: a challenge for your online current account

Il conto corrente online e il black friday

November is the most awaited month for shopping enthusiasts. Flash offers, discounts and exclusive promotions: these are the key elements of Black Friday, the black day of purchases that has now spread throughout the world and that took place this year on November 29th. The race for savings can, however, generate negative consequences that have little to do with savings, especially for those who have an online current account.

An estimate of the portal Legge3.it states that in 2018 only during Black Friday 13.4 million transactions were made with credit or debit cards, while 35.6 million were made over the whole weekend. In short, exaggerating with expenses, especially those made with electronic money, is a risk that should not be underestimated. Electronic payments are, along with the online current account, one of the fastest growing banking tools in recent years, so much so that, only during the Black Friday 2018 they registered a 30% growth.

According to some experts, in fact, while using cash allows you to have a more concrete perception of expenses, paying with a card can lead us to spend more, since accounting for purchases becomes mentally more difficult.

Another widespread phenomenon during Black Friday that is worth dwelling on is that of returns. In fact, from a study by The Journal of Marketing, it appears that these can significantly influence the purchasing methods. For consumers, the possibility of making a return, especially if free, is undoubtedly a convenience. However, it does reflect the fact that, in 2018, returns in the United States have reached a percentage of 10% of the total merchandise purchased by merchants.

Furthermore, the environmental impacts resulting from returns are considerable. Increased packaging used, pollution due to travel and waste products are added to the consequences brought by purchases made in a way that is not very conscious.
In conclusion, we can say Black Friday represents an opportunity for savings, but also involves some risks for your online or bank current account. For more information on the characteristics of our solutions for individuals and companies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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