Best online current account: the right choice for young people

Best online current account: the right choice for young people

Miglior conto corrente online per i giovani

Young people, to manage their finances, need the best online current account possible, able to provide them with a high degree of security, speed, economy, simplicity and reliability.

There is no doubt that the banking system has changed a lot in the recent years, trying to adapt to the new customer needs, their new rhythms of life and the new dynamics of online banking. The digital transformation, in particular, has led to an enormous change compared to the traditional system, leading the customer to have a much more central role than in the past. Today the challenge for those who look for the best online current account is to find a flexible but safe and reliable solution at the same time. The Abi Lab consortium survey focused on these transformations, in order to analyze and describe behaviors, needs and expectations of Internet and Mobile Banking users.

The analysis refers to a sample of Italian citizens who use these online services. Among these, a significant share is between the ages of 18 and 34 and the so-called millennials are around 29%. Data show that over 95% of respondents own a smartphone and over 86% are in possession of a laptop or a notebook. Furthermore, around 80% access internet services daily through these tools and spend an average of more than two hours online.

The 88% of respondents perform various banking operations via PC, while the smartphone is used by over 76% of users. The use of Internet Banking remains, on average, higher than that of Mobile Banking, even if the smartphone is the preferred platform for operations such as booking appointments in the branch or mobile recharge. Very often users prefer digital channels over traditional ones and the reason is the possibility of using these services anywhere and their simplicity and ease of use.

Thanks to the new security measures, its speed and practicality, the online service is a much more pleasant environment for young users to manage their financesIf you are looking for the best online current account that fits your needs, consult our Personal and Business solutions or contact us to ask for advice.

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