All the benefits of our online bank account

All the benefits of our online bank account

Why choosing Trustcom Financial? In this article we will try to give an answer for all those, people and businesses, who are looking for an online bank account with this features: fast opening procedures, suitable managing that permits to do easily and rapidly all the usual banking operations. Trustcom Financial online account can satisfy all these needs and even something more than ordinary banks.

Let’s see how:

Here the list of the benefits of the Trustcom Financial online bank account:

  •     Accounts for people, businesses and corporations;
  •     Fast opening procedures;
  •      Available in three different packages, for people and businesses, in order to satisfy everyone’s needs: basic, standard and premium + “extraUE” for businesses located out of the European Union;
  •       Trustcom BLACK EDITION debit card included;
  •      Manageable via internet banking or phone banking via mobile app;
  •      Based on reliable technologies in constant updating;
  •     Transparent and flexible;
  •     Multi-currency

 In other words: Trustcom Financial provides online bank accounts though for people and families, for the daily organization of its own savings; and business accounts, secure and safe, suitable for enterprises. The opening procedures for an online Trustcom Financial account take 5 days, or 24 hours activating the service “Express Account”. 

The three account typologies +1 allow to choose among different price ranges and number of transactions included in the monthly plan. Furthermore, all the accounts provide freely the Trustcom debit card, which permits to shop onlinecollect money at any ATM machines, credit salaries and pensionscharge utilities and payments, in Italy and abroad.

Trustcom financial online account offer all the services of an online bank, manageable via internet banking and phone banking from PC, smartphone or tablet, for checking the balance and transactions. We protect the money of our clients with the most innovative and newest security systems, constantly tested and updated.

Finally, Trustcom Financial means “transparency”: we offer an online bank account with reasonable and transparent maintenance costs with no quarterly stamp duty. We guarantee to all our clients the right of knowing for what and how much they’re paying for. The trust is our main priority.

If you’re interested in having more details about one of our Trustcom Financial online accounts, contact us: our team will be at your service for any necessities.