Current account, online banking and cards: explore the new Trustcom Financial website

Current account, online banking and cards: explore the new Trustcom Financial website

With the change of season, we at Trustcom Financial have also decided to show you the site with a new look. The appearance has changed but don’t worry, our solutions for opening an online current account are always available!

We have worked to make our site even more dynamic, using animations and slideshows, but also easier and more intuitive to navigate: finding the online account option tailored to your needs or those of your business will be even easier. The Trustcom Financial App will also be updated soon, stay tuned: we will reveal all the new features.

Online current accounts for individuals and companies

Our goal has always been to provide individuals and businesses with a secure and flexible way to manage their funds and savings. In fact, even on our new website you will find the reference pages of our Personal and Business solutions in the foreground. Many advantages and customization possibilities are our strengths. Whether you are the owner of a large structured company, a freelancer or a young entrepreneur, we can guarantee that you will find a solution that suits your needs.

We remind you that all our online current account options can be requested in a few minutes from a PC, smartphone or tablet, thus avoiding long lines at the counters and also the dreaded checks on financial strength.

An increasingly advanced prepaid card

We know how important it is today to have a secure and advantageous payment card, which allows you to make purchases easily in Italy, abroad and even online. But there is something new: when combined with the Personal account, our prepaid card with IBAN code is now available with a new transparent design with yellow details. If, on the other hand, you have requested an online business account, you will have our classic and elegant black card for free.

What else can you find on our new site?

A section dedicated to Support, always updated with our most frequently asked questions. But if you still have other doubts don’t worry, our staff is available via chat, from 9.00 to 18.00 (CET) on working days.

Finally, if you want to stay updated on our company and the solutions we offer, you will find the latest news on the blog.

Start exploring our new site now and contact us to request support from our experts.

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