4 tips to manage your online bank account safely (part 2)

4 tips to manage your online bank account safely (part 2)

4 consigli per gestire in completa sicurezza il tuo conto corrente online

Which precautions do you use to access your online bank account securely and protect it from possible hacker attacks? In the last news of our blog we shared the basics to make the most of digital banking. Let’s deepen the topic with 4 other valuable tips:

  1. Activate notifications on your mobile phone

    If you have not already done it you’re still in time: activate the notifications about the movements of your current account on your smartphone. This will allow you to be notified immediately in case suspicious transactions occur and you will be notified with a message for each access to your account.

  2. Do not log into your account via e-mail

    It is always good to enter the personal area of ​​your online bank through official channels. Less secure is getting there via third-party promotional e-mails. Your bank will never ask you for information to access your online bank account, so if you receive an email that can redirect you to your bank’s login area by simply typing in your login credentials, do not trust it.
    Moreover, when you access the official website of your online bank, make sure that it uses a secure “https” protocol. You can check it easily by looking at the website URL. The use of a secure protocol guarantees encrypted communications between your browser and the web site.

  3. Do not log in from public computers

    Using public computers to access the private area of ​​your bank is highly discouraged as it may pose a risk to the security of sensitive information. But if you have no alternative, make sure you always clean your cache, clear your browser history, and delete all the files you have downloaded to your computer. Also, never allow the browser to store your ID and password, or always browse incognito.

  4. Check your account regularly

    In many online banks you can see the history of accesses and transactions. It is recommended to check it regularly to make sure there are no suspicious movements. If you notice any irregularities, contact your bank immediately.

    Putting these simple measures into practice is essential to protect your sensitive data and your online bank account, but do not forget that the bank you are entrusted with plays an important role. Precisely for this reason the values ​​that distinguish Trustcom Financial most are its security and transparency.
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