4 tips to securely manage your online bank account (part 1)

4 tips to securely manage your online bank account (part 1)

4 consigli per gestire in modo sicuro il tuo conto corrente online

There are several methods by which digital scammers can improve your personal data and access your online bank account. Fortunately, by adopting some good habits and tricks it is possible to learn how to use internet banking in complete security.
In a previous news of our blog we have already investigated the issue of phishing and spam, let’s see together 4 tips to avoid misleading:

1. Always use antivirus software

To protect your profile from malware or scams such as phishing, we recommend installing an antivirus software. You will find a list of spyware that can steal your sensitive data.

2. Avoid connecting to a public wi-fi

The biggest problem with using a public wi-fi network is that a hacker could be sitting right next to you. The connections with a low level of security are in fact seen as huge opportunities by the scammers of the web. Therefore online transactions are to be avoided via these connection networks.
You can usually use public networks, alternatively, install a VPN software, which will prevent hacker attacks by intercepting traffic and allowing you to use hotspots safely.

3. Follow the latest updates on the operating system of your smartphone

Make sure your smartphone’s operating system is up to date with the latest version and use the latest security patches. In addition, don’t remove the security controls of your phone: it is good that they are always active allowing you to decide if giving app access to the data contained in your phone.

4. Change registered and safe passwords that have a high degree of security

It might seem like a cliché, but it remains one of the most important things for protecting your online bank account. Then use long and complex alphanumeric passwords and do not share them with anyone. Finally, do not forget to choose a different password for access and transfers.

If you already follow these tips to keep your account safe from the scammers of the web keep following our blog: in the next article we will reveal 4 other useful tips to manage your online account in complete security. Do not hesitate contacting our consultants for receiving more information about our online bank account.

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